The Hunger Cure

The Hunger CureSee our latest ultimate burger builder, winning burger!

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The Hunger Cure

Looking for something a little different than your usual burgers? A change from the BBQ chicken recipes you’ve stuck with for years? Call off the search…you’ve just found it! One of the simplest yet most effective BBQ lamb recipes you’ll ever come across and the kind of BBQ party food that’ll get your guests talking. Just be warned – you’re not going to need to serve up many other BBQ recipes alongside this bad boy! It’s called The Hunger Cure for a reason – a few bites and you’ll see why!


  1. Grill a prime lamb burger on a hot barbecue until cooked to perfection, alongside one or two large flat mushrooms.
  2. After lightly toasting the bun (optional), place the burger on the bottom followed by the grilled mushrooms, fried onions, a thick wedge of stilton and a handful of lettuce leaves.
  3. Add plenty of rich garlic mayonnaise to the top half of the roll and place carefully on top.
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