Bread Roll Kebab Fondue

Steak Kebab Bread Fondue Bowls

Recipe by Red Tractor

  • 20mins
  • Serves 4
Cheese & Kebab FondueServe these up at a BBQ party and you'll go down in the books as BBQ royalty! These parcels of melted steak and cheese heaven can be made ahead of time and brought to any BBQ party or picnic.Cheese & Kebab Fondue

Let’s not lie to ourselves, most of us have spent our fair share of time by the chocolate fountain at buffets, and there’s no denying that the prospect of fondue is part of the reason why we went in the first place… Well it’s time to bring fondue to BBQ! Our recipe for BBQ kebabs with bread fondue bowls will make you melt too!.. It gets better, after you’ve finished with the cheese and kebab, it’s time to tackle the bread bowls, which by that time will have soaked up some of the cheese and oils from the kebab, making it soft and gooey. We’ve made this recipe super easy so you can prepare ahead in the kitchen and put together really easily at the BBQ. Perfect for Picnics and parties.


At home prep:

  1. Day before: grate all cheese, mix with cream cheese and place in bag together, keep out of fridge
  2. Crush garlic and mix with butter, place in small bag and leave in the fridge
  3. Wash vegetables and cut (except the mushrooms) into bite sized pieces and Cut meat into chunks.
  4. Take chopped vegetables and meat and skewer until kebab is full
  5. Cover skewers with tin foil and set aside in the fridge

At the BBQ:

  1. Preheat grill 10 150 – 180 degrees
  2. grill skewers for about 15 minutes, turning every 5 minutes, until meat is cooked to your desired doneness.
  3. Whilst meat is cooking cut off the top of the bread and dig out the insides & Cut all the removed bread into bite-sized cubes
  4. Spread garlic butter around the insides of the bread loaf using the bag to spread it on and place cheese mixture in bread bowl
  5. When meat is cooked, take off grill and empty into bread bowl on top of the cheese mixture
  6. Cover the bread with tin foil , leaving the top loosely open
  7. Slowly cook until cheese is fully melted
  8. Take off of the grill, leave in tin foil, serve & enjoy as a fondue
Bread Roll Kebab Fondue image