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BBQ Asian Steak

This mouth-watering steak recipe is all about two things – a great piece of beef and that all-important marinade. Whipping up your own authentic ginger-soy dressing really couldn’t be easier, after which you’ll never tire of finding a world of creative uses for it. From steaks to salmon to grilled vegetables and more, bringing the […]

Mexican Pork Burger Wraps image

Mexican Pork Burger Wraps

We’re all about the kinds of easy BBQ recipes that deliver maximum flavour and impact with minimum effort required. Which is why we love these incredible Mexican Pork Burger Wraps – a simple twist on a classic BBQ pork recipe you can make in advance and simply throw on the grill when needed. Fresh herbs, […]

Spatchcocked jerk chicken with grilled pineapple image

Spatchcocked jerk chicken with grilled pineapple

Grill a spatchcocked chicken on a hot barbecue and you’ll never look at grilled meats the same again! Add a dose of rich, vibrant jerk seasoning in the mix and you’re on your way to something truly extraordinary! This is one of our favourite BBQ chicken recipes of all time and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser! For […]

Grilled spring onion & asparagus salad with romesco dressing image

Grilled spring onion & asparagus salad with romesco dressing

A simple yet incredibly delicious summer BBQ recipe that’s perfect for making the most of the British asparagus season. The salad makes a great accompaniment to any of your favourite BBQ recipes, while the Romesco sauce is beautifully vibrant and versatile. Simple ingredients and the best the season has to offer combing to create healthy […]

Spicy Lemon BBQ Sauce image

Spicy Lemon BBQ Sauce

Make no mistake – this could easily become your new favourite sauce…period! This is such a brilliantly versatile marinade that’s perfect for just about any BBQ chicken recipes, pork recipes or even as a glaze for your favourite fish! You’ll never run out of creative ways to put it to use – it’s the perfect […]

Mango BBQ Sauce image

Mango BBQ Sauce

It’s always nice to bring something a little unusual in to give your favourite BBQ food a real flavour boost. The right sauce can make all the difference in the world – especially when it comes to quick and easy BBQ recipes that could do with a kick. This gorgeous Mango BBQ Sauce ticks all […]

Lindy’s Super Duper Vegetarian Burger image

Lindy’s Super Duper Vegetarian Burger

Ultimate Burger Builder Winner: Lindy’s Super Duper! Here’s the kind of burger that proves you don’t need even a scrap of meat to create something super-satisfying! A worthy winner of our Ultimate Burger Builder, this Super Duper Vegetarian Burger lives up to its name…big time! Loaded with juicy mushrooms, tangy cheese and succulent grilled onions […]

Jamaica it Urself image

Jamaica it Urself

Ultimate Burger Builder Winner – Jamaica It Urself! Tired of the same-old BBQ recipes? Looking for something a little exotic to liven things up? We’ve got just the thing right here – quick and easy BBQ food that’ll take your taste buds on a far-flung adventure! Just a few simple ingredient-swaps transform an everyday burger […]

Big Daddy Burger image

Big Daddy Burger

Ultimate Burger Builder Winner: Big Daddy If you’re looking for bona-fide healthy BBQ recipes…well, you might want to save this one for a special occasion! After all, it’s called the Big Daddy Burger for a reason! It’s the kind of burger that makes for the most memorable summer BBQ evenings, ensuring your guests leave seriously […]

BBQ Summer Salad image

BBQ Summer Salad

Looking for the perfect accompaniment to your favourite BBQ chicken recipes? Something to liven up those BBQ pork recipes you’ve cooked and served a million times? We’ve got just the thing – and it’s probably a lot simpler than you’d expect! This outstanding BBQ summer salad has been designed to complement just about anything you’ll […]