Lindy’s Super Duper Vegetarian Burger

Ultimate Burger Builder Winner: Lindy's Super Duper!Build your own ultimate burger with Red Tractor - Our favourite burgers will be created each week and win some BBQ goodies!

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Ultimate Burger Builder Winner: Lindy's Super Duper!

Ultimate Burger Builder Winner: Lindy’s Super Duper!

Here’s the kind of burger that proves you don’t need even a scrap of meat to create something super-satisfying! A worthy winner of our Ultimate Burger Builder, this Super Duper Vegetarian Burger lives up to its name…big time! Loaded with juicy mushrooms, tangy cheese and succulent grilled onions it’s the kind of hunger killer that lets you know you’ve eaten something epic! Add this to your next BBQ party food inventory and chances are even the carnivores in attendance won’t miss meat for a second!


  1.  Grill a couple of large flat mushrooms on a hot barbecue, stuffing each with a generous amount of cheddar cheese (or blue cheese if preferred).
  2. Throw a few slices of onion onto the grill and cook to perfection.
  3.  Spread a layer of mayonnaise over the bottom half of the roll, before adding lettuce leaves, the grilled mushrooms, grilled onions and tomato slices.
  4. Coat the top half of the roll in a generous layer of burger relish and place on the burger, holding it all together with a large skewer if needed.
Lindy’s Super Duper Vegetarian Burger image