Grilled Chicken Crepes

Cheesey Chicken and Mushroom BBQ Crepes

Recipe by Red Tractor

  • Serves 2
Cheesey Chicken & Mushroom Grilled CrepesBBQ's aren't just for sausages and burgers! Fire up the grill and whip up a quick brunch, lunch or snack, using leftover ingredients, all packed nicely into a crepe.Cheesey Chicken & Mushroom Grilled Crepes

Many think the BBQ is only good for some or certain foods, however it’s actually a super versatile tool that can be used to¬†cook up a real storm using loads of different ingredients.

We’ve put together a simple recipe for a Grilled Chicken and Mushroom BBQ crepe that can easily be made using leftovers for breakfast, brunch lunch or even dinner!



  1. Grill mushrooms and chicken fillets
  2. Take off grill and chop up
  3. Mix chopped mushroom and chicken with mayonnaise spring onion and cheddar
  4. Pack crepe with mixture and wrap up tightly into square package
  5. Lightly oil top and bottom of crepe, also oil grill
  6. Grill until golden and serve
Grilled Chicken Crepes image