Nice & Simple Whiskey Mop

Nice & Simple Whiskey MopThis whiskey mop is easy to make and use, great to taste and adds a beautiful colour to any meat! Simply pour into a spray bottle for easy application.Nice & Simple Whiskey Mop

Would you believe that three simple ingredients are all that’s needed to make the most incredible BBQ whiskey mop? You can forget about those over-complicated BBQ sauce recipes with a thousand components – apple juice, whisky and soy sauce are all you’ll ever need! Best of all, arm yourself with a spray bottle and you’ve got the perfect tool to both store the stuff and put it to use! Great for adding a gorgeous glaze to your favourite BBQ chicken recipes, pork recipes and really just about any other recipes you already know and love!


  1. Take all of the ingredients, add them to a bowl and mix well.
  2. Pour the mixture into a clean spray bottle.
  3. Spray directly onto your favourite meats, fish and vegetables before and during cooking, to create a gorgeous golden glaze!
Nice & Simple Whiskey Mop image