BBQ Steal Skewers with churrasco and chimichurri

Chimichurri Sauce with Steak kebabs on the BBQ (Churrasco) by Theo Michaels, MasterchefCheck out my Argentinian style steak kebabs with a chimichurri sauce - perfect BBQ food!

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Learning how to make chimichurri sauce couldn’t be easier. I got quite addicted to this little tangy chimichurri sauce whilst travelling around Argentina. Packed with flavour; tangy, sharp, soothing – an ideal companion to a decent steak; or in this instance the photo is my chimichurri sauce with a delicious venison steak (it went very well!).

Chimichurri recipes vary all over Argentina, and in Brazil for that matter, we had chimuchurri sauce and dressings at most churrasco joints (and any country who’s national dish consists of meat on a stick cooked over charcoal gets my vote!) whenever I’ve been served chimichurri sauce in the UK it usually comes arrives as a form of ketchup, too thick and too strong. Chimichurri is a slight variation on a salsa verde, or maybe salsa verde is a slight variation on chimichurri?

Anyway, the chimichurri I had in Argentina were a bit more delicate and almost slightly watery complimenting the flavour of the meat altogether opposed to something the consistency of ketchup taking the meat flavour hostage in a mouth full of herbs and garlic…

You can pretty much freestyle the herbs you use; the pillars of Chimichurri tend to be parsley, garlic, chilli and the vinaigrette; the rest you can experiment with. Purists… they tend to be so boring!

Chimichurri Ingredients:

1 crushed garlic clove

(100g) chopped parsley (small handful)

(100g) chopped coriander (small handful)

Tbl chopped rosemary

Tbl chopped mint

Tbl dried oregano

1/2 red chilli chopped

1/2 Tomato (flesh only)

Few glugs of extra virgin olive oil

1 tablespoon redwine vinegar

Couple pinches of sea salt

Juice of 1/2 lime


In a pestle and mortar add the garlic and salt and crush as much as possible.

Then add all the chopped herbs, tomato flesh and chilli and give a bit of a pounding.

Add the olive oil and vinegar and lime juice and mash into the green mixture.

You will need to add a tablespoon or two of water to loosen the mixture up.

Now taste – get the balance of acidity right with a bit more oil or lime or vinegar; play with it until it makes you squint when you try it but you can’t help yourself to have another taste. Remember this is a condiment, it needs a punch… Traditionally served with beef steak.

Goes well with Venison steak cooked rare, a nice bottle of Malbec (of course), sautéed asparagus and a pair of deep hazel eyes to get lost in…

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Chimichurri Sauce with Steak kebabs on the BBQ (Churrasco) by Theo Michaels, Masterchef

 This fragrant and fresh chimichurri & churrasco sauce from Theo Michaels is rounded off with a bit of spice and some sharpness from lemon juice or vinegar. Tap into the flavours of Portugal, Argentine and Spain  and take to the BBQ for optimum results!



  1. Mix all the chimichurri ingredients together and taste for balance of flavours and ensure the chimichurri is a little loose.
  2. Cut the steak and then marinade the steak in about a third of the chimichurri mixture (ideally for a few hours in the fridge – but no worries if not).
  3. Place the meat onto skewers leaving some space between each piece of meat.
  4. Cook the meat over the hottest part of the charcoal for about 8 minutes (but test for your desired done-ness). The steaks should sear and char quickly on the outside.

Nb. If you are cooking these on a regular grill and turning by hand you can halve the cooking time (about 1 minute each side, totalling 4-5 minutes) for rare/medium rare. If on a motorised rotisserie then 6-8 minutes is about right. But check for your preference.

  • Remove and rest for a few minutes before serving and placing a drizzle of chimichurri sauce over the top.
BBQ Steal Skewers with churrasco and chimichurri image