Gluten Free Sausage Burrito

Gluten Free Sausage BurritoBBQ's are about bringing family and friends together, so we believe they should be fun for everyone! This gluten free burrito uses lettuce instead of bread and is a much healthier alternative to your classic burrito, bread lovers can even add in a wrap!

Full Recipe:
Gluten Free Sausage Burrito

Having an intolerance to gluten is certainly difficult at times, but when you realise that most things can be replaced with another great ingredient, things start to get creative! This lettuce wrapped sausage burrito includes everything that the classic burrito is known for, simply switch out the wrap for lettuce and you’ve got yourself a gluten free, healthier alternative!


  1. Cook the quinoa as per the pack instructions, drain and add kidney beans, heat through
  2. Make tomato salsa, recipe here:
  3. Clean and wash lettuce, pull off largest parts being careful not to tear
  4. Grate cheese into bowl ready for loading
  5. Grill sausages for 10 – 15 minutes
  6. Take sausages off of grill and begin to load burrito on square of foil, starting with lettuce, followed by sausage, quinoa and kidney beans, salsa, cheese and finally creme fraiche
  7. Wrap up with remaining lettuce and wrap again with tin foil
  8. Pull back foil to eat, and enjoy!
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