BBQ Bruschetta

Build Your Own BBQ Bruschetta Bar

Build Your Own Bruschetta BarYou don't need to go above and beyond to have a great summer BBQ party with your besties. Grab whatever you have in the cupboard/fridge/freezer and turn it into a master piece.Build Your Own Bruschetta Bar

For your next BBQ party, why not let guests choose what their hearts desire by building your own tapas style BBQ bruschetta bar!

This one also works brilliantly for picnic or if friends are on their way over for a party. It’s super summery and looks like you took loads of time to do it… In reality, this takes no time at all, simply grab everything you have in the fridge or freezer and whack it on the grill, the trick is in the lay out; place on a wooden board to make it look rustic and tell your guests to help themselves from the bruschetta or tapas bar.



  1. Peel cucumber into long strands
  2. Cook and mash peas, do the same with broad beans
  3. Mix peas with olive oil and mint sauce
  4. Grill tomatoes
  5. Grill mushrooms
  6. Slice lettuce thinly
  7. Slice and Grill courgette
  8. Pit, slice and grill plums
  9. Set out in bowls ready for choosing
  10. Slice focaccia, drizzle with oil and grill on both sides until lightly crisped
  11. Top grilled foccacia with topping of choice from the bruschetta bar Eg. mashed peas, cucumber strands, oil and fennel
  12. Top with salt and pepper to taste
BBQ Bruschetta image