Bonfire Night Party Recipes

Shredded Duck & Fire Roasted Plum Sauce image

Shredded Duck & Fire Roasted Plum Sauce

Bring the flavours of your favourite Chinese dishes home with this recipe for BBQ shredded duck with fire roasted plum sauce! This recipe is great for sharing; serve up as an alternative to the Friday night takeaway and watch the extra pennies pile up as you save.

Cheesy Chicken & Crunchy Crisp Poutine image

Cheesy Chicken & Crunchy Crisp Poutine

Canada definitely got it in the bag with this one, take a step up from gravy and chips with this carefully constructed Poutine recipe with an added crunch! Originally made in Quebec using french fries and cheese curds, we’ve worked with in season British ingredients to transform this recipe so that it’s ready to grace the […]

BBQ Bruschetta image

BBQ Bruschetta

For your next BBQ party, why not let guests choose what their hearts desire by building your own tapas style BBQ bruschetta bar! This one also works brilliantly for picnic or if friends are on their way over for a party. It’s super summery and looks like you took loads of time to do it… […]

Bread Roll Kebab Fondue image

Bread Roll Kebab Fondue

Let’s not lie to ourselves, most of us have spent our fair share of time by the chocolate fountain at buffets, and there’s no denying that the prospect of fondue is part of the reason why we went in the first place… Well it’s time to bring fondue to BBQ! Our recipe for BBQ kebabs […]

Rosemary & Thyme Lamb Steak & Potato Skewers image

Rosemary & Thyme Lamb Steak & Potato Skewers

The grill is a great way to add flavour to any meat or veg, so where better to cook lamb than on the barbie! Don’t be afraid of this succulent meat, it’s easier to cook than most people think. We’ve put together a tasty recipe to get your lamb as juicy and tender as possible […]

Cheesey Bacon Wrapped Sausages image

Cheesey Bacon Wrapped Sausages

If you’re stuck for new and exciting BBQ ideas this is perfect for you. Why stop at sausages when you can stuff with cheese and wrap with bacon…double whammy! With the saltiness of the bacon, meatiness f the sausage and gooey goodness of the cheese, as you bite into these Cheese Bacon Wrapped Sausages you’ll […]

Chimichurri BBQ Chicken Kebabs image

Chimichurri BBQ Chicken Kebabs

You only need to taste chimichurri once to change the way you grill forever. And when it comes to the homemade stuff, forget about it! Pure perfection with thousands of healthy and easy BBQ recipes, including these mouth-watering chicken kebabs! What’s great is how the marinade helps keep the chicken beautifully moist and tender. Better […]

BBQed Steak Tagliata image

BBQed Steak Tagliata

This recipe is supposed to be served as a sharing platter, but don’t back on anyone being keen to give any away! The most delicious, healthy BBQ recipes are all about taking the very best ingredients available and working them as gently as possible to bring out their natural flavours. With just a handful of […]

Moroccan lamb & date burgers image

Moroccan lamb & date burgers

Delicious juicy lamb burgers are given a sweet and spicy Moroccan twist. Lamb mince is a perfect choice for barbecuing as it’s not too lean so there is no chance of these beauties drying out as they cook. The burgers, shaped and uncooked, freeze brilliantly, so make a double batch and layer some with greaseproof […]

BBQ Asian Steak image

BBQ Asian Steak

This mouth-watering steak recipe is all about two things – a great piece of beef and that all-important marinade. Whipping up your own authentic ginger-soy dressing really couldn’t be easier, after which you’ll never tire of finding a world of creative uses for it. From steaks to salmon to grilled vegetables and more, bringing the […]