BBQ Party Recipes

Pimm’s Clotted Cream Tea image

Pimm’s Clotted Cream Tea

Summer is the time for fresh fruit, clotted cream teas and pimms! So what better than both mixed into one with a clotted cream tea with pimms infused summer fruits. Prepare to impress others with this zesty, clotted cream teas, that will take Pimm’s O’Clock to the next level!

Mexican Style Corn on the Cob image

Mexican Style Corn on the Cob

Sweet corn is only in season for 4 months from July to October, so there isn’t much time to enjoy it at it’s peak freshness. It’s well worth grabbing as much as you can get and cooking it up on the BBQ in the sunny summer weather. Corn always goes down as a treat at […]

Cheesy Chicken & Crunchy Crisp Poutine image

Cheesy Chicken & Crunchy Crisp Poutine

Canada definitely got it in the bag with this one, take a step up from gravy and chips with this carefully constructed Poutine recipe with an added crunch! Originally made in Quebec using french fries and cheese curds, we’ve worked with in season British ingredients to transform this recipe so that it’s ready to grace the […]

Grilled Chicken Crepes image

Grilled Chicken Crepes

Many think the BBQ is only good for some or certain foods, however it’s actually a super versatile tool that can be used to cook up a real storm using loads of different ingredients. We’ve put together a simple recipe for a Grilled Chicken and Mushroom BBQ crepe that can easily be made using leftovers for […]

BBQ Bruschetta image

BBQ Bruschetta

For your next BBQ party, why not let guests choose what their hearts desire by building your own tapas style BBQ bruschetta bar! This one also works brilliantly for picnic or if friends are on their way over for a party. It’s super summery and looks like you took loads of time to do it… […]

Bread Roll Kebab Fondue image

Bread Roll Kebab Fondue

Let’s not lie to ourselves, most of us have spent our fair share of time by the chocolate fountain at buffets, and there’s no denying that the prospect of fondue is part of the reason why we went in the first place… Well it’s time to bring fondue to BBQ! Our recipe for BBQ kebabs […]

Balsamic grilled duck breast image

Balsamic grilled duck breast

Duck breast is a fabulous cut of meat for the barbecue as the rich layer of fat bastes the meat as it grills. Salsa verde is one of my favourite sauces, and its punchy flavours cut through the richness of the meat brilliantly.

Jamaica it Urself image

Jamaica it Urself

Ultimate Burger Builder Winner – Jamaica It Urself! Tired of the same-old BBQ recipes? Looking for something a little exotic to liven things up? We’ve got just the thing right here – quick and easy BBQ food that’ll take your taste buds on a far-flung adventure! Just a few simple ingredient-swaps transform an everyday burger […]

BBQ Summer Salad image

BBQ Summer Salad

Looking for the perfect accompaniment to your favourite BBQ chicken recipes? Something to liven up those BBQ pork recipes you’ve cooked and served a million times? We’ve got just the thing – and it’s probably a lot simpler than you’d expect! This outstanding BBQ summer salad has been designed to complement just about anything you’ll […]

BBQ Dry Rub image

BBQ Dry Rub

Once you’ve made your first BBQ dry rub, you’ll never go back to store bought! There’s no better way of taking your favourite BBQ recipes to the next level in terms of flavour, succulence and enjoyment. Transform easy BBQ recipes into something truly spectacular with just a few simple ingredients. Cheap, quick to throw together […]