BBQ Chicken Recipes

Cheesy Chicken & Crunchy Crisp Poutine image

Cheesy Chicken & Crunchy Crisp Poutine

Canada definitely got it in the bag with this one, take a step up from gravy and chips with this carefully constructed Poutine recipe with an added crunch! Originally made in Quebec using french fries and cheese curds, we’ve worked with in season British ingredients to transform this recipe so that it’s ready to grace the […]

Grilled Chicken Crepes image

Grilled Chicken Crepes

Many think the BBQ is only good for some or certain foods, however it’s actually a super versatile tool that can be used to cook up a real storm using loads of different ingredients. We’ve put together a simple recipe for a Grilled Chicken and Mushroom BBQ crepe that can easily be made using leftovers for […]

Chimichurri BBQ Chicken Kebabs image

Chimichurri BBQ Chicken Kebabs

You only need to taste chimichurri once to change the way you grill forever. And when it comes to the homemade stuff, forget about it! Pure perfection with thousands of healthy and easy BBQ recipes, including these mouth-watering chicken kebabs! What’s great is how the marinade helps keep the chicken beautifully moist and tender. Better […]

Herby Chicken Burgers image

Herby Chicken Burgers

For your next summer barbecue, why not serve up a real break from the norm with one of our favourite BBQ chicken recipes of all time? Just a few simple ingredients are all that’s needed to whip-up the kind of healthy BBQ recipe you’ll be proud to serve to anyone! Juice, chargrilled chicken breasts with […]

Spatchcocked jerk chicken with grilled pineapple image

Spatchcocked jerk chicken with grilled pineapple

Grill a spatchcocked chicken on a hot barbecue and you’ll never look at grilled meats the same again! Add a dose of rich, vibrant jerk seasoning in the mix and you’re on your way to something truly extraordinary! This is one of our favourite BBQ chicken recipes of all time and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser! For […]

Jamaica it Urself image

Jamaica it Urself

Ultimate Burger Builder Winner – Jamaica It Urself! Tired of the same-old BBQ recipes? Looking for something a little exotic to liven things up? We’ve got just the thing right here – quick and easy BBQ food that’ll take your taste buds on a far-flung adventure! Just a few simple ingredient-swaps transform an everyday burger […]

Glazed BBQ Chicken with Grilled Cabbages image

Glazed BBQ Chicken with Grilled Cabbages

Honey glazed soy, ginger and garlic chicken thighs with grilled cabbage wedges dressed in soy, butter and lime Asian inspired chicken thighs, cooked ‘low and slow’ until they are tender on the inside and sticky on the outside, served with buttery grilled cabbage wedges.

Pesto Courgette Noodles with Chicken image

Pesto Courgette Noodles with Chicken

This is a gorgeous healthy barbecue recipe for anyone looking to keep carbs and fat to a minimum, without compromising on taste! The basic recipe for courgetti can be used as a base for thousands of healthy BBQ recipes ­– letting your imagination run wild is half the fun! Even if the weather’s not quite […]

BBQ Chicken Club sandwich image

BBQ Chicken Club sandwich

Everything you love about the best BBQ chicken recipes and your favourite club sandwich, brought together in beautiful harmony! Simple, delicious and surprisingly healthy BBQ food ideas for the whole family, cooked-up in no time using just a handful of ingredients. So whether throwing a BBQ party for friends or enjoying a quiet summer evening […]

BBQ Spatchcock Chicken image

BBQ Spatchcock Chicken

If you’ve never barbecued a whole bird, you’re missing out on a treat! This is one of the most incredible BBQ chicken recipes you’ll ever come across and could just change the way you look at BBQ chicken for life! It’s brilliantly versatile and allows for all the experimentation in the world – combine with […]