Festive BBQ’ing in your back garden! image

Festive BBQ’ing in your back garden!


Perhaps you missed out on getting a ticket for Glastonbury or other festivals you were thinking of attending…or perhaps you just decided not to go! There are loads of summer events and festivals to choose from, but they can often be on awkward dates, cost a lot of money, be all the way across the country, or put you completely out of your comfort zone.

For those of you who fall under any of these categories but are worried you might miss out, why not simply host your own!? It’s cheaper, you get to play whatever music you like, create the festive food you’ve been wanting to create all year and it’s right outside.

Here’s our guide to hosting your own mini festival straight out of your own back garden!  


Red Tractor’s Top Tips:

  • Create some exciting bunting from old scraps of fabric or wrapping paper.
  • Decorate the place with fairy lights and candles
  • Play games like lawn darts
  • Make some stalls like face painting
  • Host your own karaoke.

Cook up some exotic festive food!..Here are some of our top festive recipes for you to try.


Chimichurri BBQ Chicken Kebabs

Chimichurri is an Argentinian staple. It’s great when used as a sauce or as a marinade and goes wonderfully with steak!


BBQ Asian Steak

Enjoy eexotic flavours from the comfort of your back garden with this mouth-watering Asian steak and Pak Choi recipe.


Spatchock Jerk Chicken with grilled pineapple

Jamaican-me-crazy with our sizzling jerk chicken, perfect for any barbie occasion! 


Mango, BBQ sauce

Our ultra juicy mango BBQ sauce is perfect used as a dip or mix it up a little and use it as a flavourful marinade.


Jamaica it Urself Burger

Be gone with the boring, dry burger we’re all used to at a BBQ and mix it up with this seriously easy Jamaican chicken burger.


Cheese Steak Pinwheels

Roll up, roll up, come and enjoy our cheesy steak pinwheels sure to put a smile on even the most discerning guests!


Grilled Chicken & Mushroom Crepes

Take control of your BBQ with our Glasto headliner inspired chicken and Mushroom crepes.


Build Your Own Bruschetta Bar

Wow your guests with bruschetta canapes on arrival and be sure to start your party off with a bang!


Don’t forget to make sure you name your festival something memorable like, ‘The back garden get down’, ‘Backyard BBQ feast’ or  even ‘Secret garden party’.

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