Smash Your Next Cookout with Our Essential Hacks image

Smash Your Next Cookout with Our Essential Hacks

Deny it all you like, but throwing a BBQ party is as much about impressing your guests as it is about feeding them! Most of us indulge in any number of outdoor cookouts during the summer and we always want it to be our cookout that’s remembered as the best. It can all get surprisingly competitive, though all adds to the fun of the summer season!

So chances are, you’ll be willing to put in a fair bit of effort to ensure that your BBQ party goes off with a bang. All of which starts with all those creative recipes you’ve been dreaming up and researching, but it’s also the little details that add up to a big difference. Which is why we thought we’d share with you a few of our favourite BBQ hacks, just to help steer things in the right direction.

They might not change your life, but they could change the way you grill…and all for the better!


Always use two skewers when preparing any meat or vegetable kebabs for the barbecue. This way, you’ll find it so much easier to turn them during cooking, without the skewer just spinning around in the centre.

Prevent Skewers from Burning

First up, when using wooden skewers for any BBQ dishes, it’s usually a good idea to stop them setting on fire in the process. Which is easy enough to do – simply soak them in water for around an hour before you use them, which will keep them looking better and prevent them falling to bits over the flames.


Strawberry Stem Hack

If you love strawberries but aren’t exactly keen on the process of preparing them, this is the kind of time-saving hack you’ll love. Simply take a standard drinking straw and push it through the strawberry from bottom to top. This results in perfectly prepared strawberries and absolutely zero mess to clean up.


Melting Ice Lolly Hack

A simple yet effective ice lolly hack for minimising mess – especially on the hottest summer days. All you need is a pack of everyday bun cases, which can be slid onto the handle of the ice lolly to catch all those drips and dribbles. Less mess and a great way of minimising waste for maximum enjoyment!


Beer Can Burgers

The bottom of a beer can makes the perfect press for mini-burgers and sliders. For an added wow-factor, stuff your burgers with the cheese of your choice and wrap them around the edges in smokey bacon.


Ice Cube Hack

This neat little ice cube hack was dreamed up as an effective solution for making your favourite drinks more colourful. Simply add your chosen berries or edible flowers to an ice cube tray before pouring in the water, freezing the fruit in place and serving as a decorative touch for your drinks. And if you’ve any spare bun cases about the place, you’ve got the perfect tools for keeping unwanted pests out of your refreshments!


Always Marinate

Where possible, it’s a good idea to marinate just about any plain meat you plan on grilling. The reason being that along with adding incredible flavour to whatever you cook, the right liquid marinade can also help keep your meats magnificently moist and juicy while being flame-grilled to perfection.


Spatchcock Chickens

A whole chicken grilled to absolute perfection can make the most incredible centrepiece for any BBQ party. Better yet, your guests will never know it was actually a breeze to prepare and cook! You’ll simply need to spatchcock it beforehand – the instructions for which you’ll find right here. All you need is a pair of scissors – try it once and you might never cook a chicken the same way again!


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