‘_AU_AGE’?.. It’s Not a Sausage Without the SSSizzle image

‘_AU_AGE’?.. It’s Not a Sausage Without the SSSizzle

Ah yes…what would any British barbecue be without the Great British banger? BBQ sausages in the summertime are as much a part of our culture as Big Ben, fish ‘n chips or typically terrible weather.

Sausages might be part and parcel of the modern British summer, but folk all over the world having been stuffing meats into slinky casings for the best part of 2,000 years. It’s just that those we’re grilling up today are the best there’s ever been…fact!

Whether it’s the humble hotdog, colourful BBQ sausage kebabs or a killer cold salad for carnivores, sausages tick all the right boxes and then some. Which is why it’s a shame to limit yourself to the usual ketchup and mustard combo – a little creativity with the toppings goes a long way!

So if you can’t imagine a summer BBQ without sausages…we certainly can’t…the following ideas could well bring your bangers to life:

  1. Mexicana – Trust us when we say that the combination of cheddar cheese, salsa, jalapeno peppers and crunchy nachos might change the way you look at hot dogs forever! Tweak the spiciness to your own taste and experiment with any cheese you fancy. You could even add a scoop of chili con carne and some sour cream!
  2. Pulled Pork – Well, if you’re going to get busy with the pork products, why not do it properly? This super-decadent creation involves topping your usual banger with a dollop of melt-in-the-mouth pulled pork, smothered in BBQ sauce and sprinkled with crispy fried onions.
  3. Two-in-One – Can’t decide between burgers and sausages? It’s not rocket science, just cram them both into the breakfast burger of your dreams! Throw a fried egg in there too if you’d like something seriously messy and moreish!
  4. Cream Cheese and Chives – Always a winner and so easy to make, this one’s all about taking a dangerously generous serving of your favourite cream cheese and smothering your hot dog into oblivion. Top the whole thing with a huge handful of freshly chopped chives and brace for impact.
  5. Italiana – Last up, swap out the ketchup for a dollop of pizza sauce, followed by mozzarella, pepperoni, onions and anything else you’ve got your eye on. Then toast the whole thing for a couple of minutes for the crispiest, dreamiest pizza-hotdog combo you’ve ever had! Most likely the only one you’ve had, too!

A couple of quick tips from us for serving up the perfect banger. Avoid grilling raw sausages on an overly hot grill, as this is the perfect recipe for a raw interior and cremated exterior. Grill over a comparatively gentle heat, brushing with a little oil before getting started to avoid sticking. Or if in any doubt, you can always start them off in the oven for a few minutes and finish them over the flames.

Alternatively, slicing sausages in half length-wise is a great way of cooking them faster and more evenly, while getting that gorgeous char-grilled flavour right to the heart of the meat. Spare sausages can be great for use in a thousand and one recipes for a good couple of days after the grill, though it’s important to make sure they are cooled as quickly as possible and not allowed to sit around too long after cooking.

And of course, accept no imitations when selecting pork products – always look for the Red Tractor logo!

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